vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

My fake nails !!

haha, No no, Not fake at all. I showed my aunt my nails like this and she was like: But you have fake nails.
But no, grew them myself XD
But my new mani. It's first 2 layers of Ocean -Gosh.
First time using this polish, and I don't really like it. It's a great colour end it dries almost without stripes. But it takes time to dry !!! Pfff don't really have the patience for it. I tought they were dry at one moment but when I tried to open a plastic bag two of my nails were ruined. Even after going by bike to the city. (15 min ride or so) when I hit an iron bar by placing my bike in the stand the polish got smudged.
But well after that I bought this Impuls Silver Shatter.

I love it. It's a silver shatter wich works really well. It looks great over the Ocean from gosh and this way nobody sees the base is smudged :P there is a small glitter in the silver, it dries quite matte. Maybe I will do a top coat later on.

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011


Hello here are my stack pictures ! Ok√© maybe not that much but I love them haha oke and some doubles :P
 As first the 'specials' From left to right. A silver glitter tipper- essence, gold stripe glitter -paris, holographic round glitter -paris. Black Crackling- Essence, White Crackling - Essence. Bordeaux Crackling- B-pretty, dark midnight (blue) Crackling -B-pretty. Violet Crackling B-pretty.
 And then my stampy plates and polisches, white and black from konad, round plate from konad and silver from essence and the square plates are essence to!
 Ok some random brands together :P L to R.. A creme/pink glitter-long lasting miss sporty. Bright pink- quick dry miss sporty. White/pink 31- miss helen. Soft pink - Alessandro. Purple/silverglitter 06-miss helen. Violet diamond powder 12- Miss helen. Bordeaux metalic 127- miss helen. Matt topcoat- miss helen.
 My Essence and Catrice stack, Note: I love Catrice, and kind of dislike essence color & go.
l/r : 10 Ready for action - essence. 14 Rock Rebell -Essence. 07 Rock it, Baby!- Essence. 02 sparkling silver -essence
490 Iron mermaid - Catrice, 520 Apropos apricot - Catrice, 480 miss piggy reloaded - Catrice, 290 my best friends tiara - Catrice
 And an other set of totally random.. Grey - miss Helen. Grey - Etos long lasting. White - Wild and more. Black - effect nails etos. Black - Claire. Canberra 108- WIC Herome, Metallic Green Nr 127 - Koh. 540 Ocean- Gosh. 200 Rebel- P2 color victim (2x). Topcoat- Rimmel
French manicure set unknown brand!

woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Bad Bad me, (new update)

Yea I'm terrible at keeping track. This way I will never get more followers Right?
Ok I told you guys how happy I was with my first Holo, Metallic Green from Koh. Well to come back from that. It was chipping quite quick. I was a bit angry. So next time I'm going to add an other layer of top coat, it's really foil like and just peals off. To keep it from pealing further, I added black tips. I'm still terrible at tape manies. Sorry

and an other B.pretty mani, The red crackles really good to I decided to use the crakle silver base from Essence as my base, witch made the red crackle a little metallic to in some parts. It holds up to 7 days with top coat.. 
And my many for the birthday of my boyfriends dad. I had this red dress with black, and roses jewellery. The base is a red from Helen (hema brand)
The roses are konad (black) and an essence plate, And the black shatter is Crackle from essence. I added some extra detail in the roses with silver base coat essence. afterwards I thought it maybe would have looked better if the roses were silver. I kept it on for 10 days! (with top coat) 

Without flash

Next up Essence, and my 1 euro glitter from paris polish. I never wear the ordenairy essence polishes. I got some (purple, blue and red) Color and Go polishes for my birthday, but I hate them! They are easy to use, but break within a day. And the smell awwww. But well I didn't knew what to do (after trying the purple B.pretty crakle again, witch doesn't work as well as the other two ;_;) 
So I got my box, and dumped it in my bro's lap. He chose the blue, and said it needed some glitter so this came out. With and without flash piccu's