zaterdag 19 mei 2012

zondag 8 april 2012


I Know I promised a overview of last month. And I will get there, once eventually.

Oké but for now a quick picture of my easter manicure !!

I didn't had the possibility to make a picture at home, with the bottle and stuff. So I just made a quick picture with my boyfriends camera.
It's Catrice's - Londen, from the city live LE.
with Gosh - misty mauve. For the lines. (I bought a nail art brush !!)
And the spots are done with. H&M mini strawberry lollipop

zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Hunger Games Effie Trinket nails


I'm sorry it's been so long but I started my internship 1st of march and have been bizzy!! Didn't stop polishing my nails ofcourse. But I didn't have the time to take good pictures or make posts for you guys.
I will show a month update with my phone pictures coming weak or so.
But for now my last design inspired by the nails Effie Trinket has at the reaping in the movie the Hungergames.

I added the beads cause I thought it looked pretty and just a bit more posh :P.
I know the original nails are more of a purple than a pink. But my purples are all more blueisch purple and I wanted it to fit the nice weather. Also my gold (herome's salamanca,) was a bit to dark, so I mixed it with Essence silver crackle basecoat 02 sparkling silver . And It turned out like a duochrome haha. But I liked that. But I think I should use more gold and less silver next time.

vrijdag 24 februari 2012

The Hunger Games

Ok to start from the beginning (cause this is going to be one of my longest blog post ever ! I'm starting with te condition of my nails. You are looking at my right hand right now. which looks quite ok. But I had to keep my nails short because of the cold weather. I've got three !! Three tears in my left hand nails *cry* But on the bright sight. There is almost no yellow staining left!! I'm for sure that my nails will look great if I would use nail whitener now :P
Hungergames flaming nails without glitter. 
Hungergames flaming nails with glitter 

and now on to the Title. The Hunger Games. I spotted this name earlier this year.  (long usless story)I've used a picture of a guy I wanted to use for a character. This guy was Chris Hemsworth. I started internet stalking the guy. Ended up watching Thor and discovered he had a younger sibling which is just as handsome! Liam hemsworth. (they also have the same laugh XD) So I watched last song. And started stalking Liam which apparently was going to play the role of Gale in the hunger games. (still didn't know what the hungergames were) a weak past and a friend of mine posted the hungergames trailer on Facebook. And I was f*cking sold. What an awesome trailer !! they told me the books where just as awesome so I decided I needed to read at least the first book befor 23st of march when the movie premier will be.  I needed less than 7 day's to finish the first book. Same for the second and I'm still buzzy with the third. (started monday) I never have red a series this fast !! I'm a huge FAN XD
Cinna's Eyeliner. (Catrice liquid eye liner) 030 I am golden Sandy
Oké so I've got some make-up inspiration from it. As first you can see my nails. They are inspired by  Katniss her interview dress/ look. There was described her teams painted flames on her nails and her dress was set with colourful crystals finishing with blue. So my nails were set on fire. (as seen on the first picture) And I have finished it with a blueish glitter (Magic Star - Gosh) and on to the next inspiration. Cinna. You have to love Cinna. He is caring a perfect listener and just plain brilliant. (and I think he's gay and I love gay men although it is never confirmed in the books)  He is an artist and I love artists and I love the casting of Lenny Kravitz to play him Although I was sure he was fair skinned :P So when I found a golden Eye-Liner in the sale box I had to buy it!! and do the Cinna look (just a plain golden eye-liner on the upper lid.) It's a quite nude style for my taste. (that is also the reason Cinna stout out as a capitol resident. Cause he wears plane/almost no make-up ) But somehow I do love it to. But I decided to try to make it a little bit more feminine. And first added a black line with my gel eyeliner (Catrice) and finished it whit a golden line (liquid eyeliner catrice)  As you can see below. I still need to practice on straight lines haha
Catrice 030 I am golden Sandy +
Catrice Gel eye liner 01 black jack with jack black 

Cinna look part two : Catrice 030 I am golden Sandy +
  Catrice Gel eye liner 01 black jack with jack black 

as finishing touch a full face picture of me with my golden cinna look and added some golden lip gloss too ! 
But I'm not the only person which is a hunger games fan. And China Glaze comes with a special Hunger Games Colours of the Capitol series. They used to have different names. (all really book inspired) but they changed it into the districts.
I want to buy at least two of the capitol colours. District 1 Luxa and lush (in the original name this one was inspired by Katniss' interview dress.)
And District 9 Harvest moon. (originally inspired by CINNA :D)
But I do love :
District 3 Riveting and District 2 Stone Cold too. So Maybe I will order all four.
Swatches can be found here :

vrijdag 17 februari 2012


It has been a while since I posted cause I've been bizzy !! I'm going on my final (graduation) intership within two weaks and I still needed to search for one !! My mom forced me to wear nude nail polish. And altough I tought I didn't have any I found I did have the most wonderfull shimmery nude I could think of. But I didn't took a picture, sorry. (it's the colour from miss sporty that I've updated in my stack posts.) My mom actually said I looked kind of naked with the nude colour XD.
My nails where badly damaged by the cold weather. So I decided I kept my nails a bit neutral for an other weak. I grabbed manhattan D96 (boring I know)
It's a wonderful metallic creme colour, with a holografic glitter. It's like a party on your nails!! It was kind of hard to capture. But oké.

maandag 30 januari 2012

Quick konad on the avant garde

I've bought this colour from gosh a while ago with discount. I still wanted a dark dark red so when I spotted this one in the dirty dirty discount box I had to dig it up!
So I haven't used it yet so it was Avantgarde it's turn to be used ! and I choose to do a konad with my stampy plate from born pretty.
For the stamping I used H&M mini strawberry lollipop I was really really happy that is was such a good polish for stamping !! I've got 3 more polishes from the same series, I hope there just as good :D 

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Gosh magicly Blue stary monday ??


First I will explain the question marks. Cause I'm not sure this is actually blue monday. Why?? Cause the drug store personal where so stupid to place the discount sticker over the polish name...
And Damn.. My nails where soooooo beautiful in my last post... But I broke them shortly after.. So I had to file them down, and have to get them back in shape.. *sad face*  (so don't look at my ugly nails, esp the middle finger.) Ow and as for the tea bag repairing, didn't work)
 So this is Gosh Blue monday a blue glitter/metallic like polish, layered with Magic star, an multicolour glitter polish. It's a glittery colour festive on my nails. It was even a bit to sparkly and glittery at fist. So I added a matt topcoat. I'm sorry to say that the colours didn't end up on the photograph :(

vrijdag 13 januari 2012

New york - Catrice


Not really much to tell. I finally got my acceptance to go on my intern ship !! Happy
So I threaded myself at the Kruidvat sale! 2 bottles of Catrice for 1 euro each, and 2 Gosh bottles for 2,50 each :D
The Catrice were both from the Big City live series

Londen and New York . Still would love to get my hands on a bottle of Berlin. But those didn't make the sale o well can't have everything, right?

So now I'm wearing New York
A lovely old blue (my mom looked at my nails that is an old blue, my answer : Indeed)
I love the colour. It's funny cause when I started this blog I didn't like blue on my nails. And now I don't stop buying blue's XD
Anyway. Great polish, great aplication, and it is a one coater !! Go Catrice !! I'm in love!

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

violet fusion ??

 well as you can see (or maybe not) I have this huge tear in my left tumb nail !! I tried to repair it with just nail glue (the white stuff on the site) the black is the tear. The tear isn't just huge, it's in the part of the nail bed where there is still blood underneath. So really painful to !! I can't just cut it! (this actually happens me quite often)
A while ago I came across the concept of fixing a nail with a tea bag. So I googled it and found this little video

I used it and polished over it. So I wonder how long it is going to hold. You can't see the tea bag XD of the tear, and it feels really hard so that's promising.
 I polished my nails with Essence Princes Prunella. And P2 violet fusion Crackling top coat over it.
And I'm confused !! It looks brown gold purple err. Ok I kind of tought the princes prunella would be more brown. And the violet fusion more purple. (as you can see in the bottle) but It's a festivity of duo chromes XD One way it's all purple, other way its gold and brown. I made a few foto's without topcoat and some with. In different angles. What do you think ??

woensdag 4 januari 2012

Glitter funky french and new stuff


My mani of past weak. Wow, really didn't had the time to make a picture (and a blog post) till now. Bizzy bizzy bizzy.
Catrice - 440 wear my sunglasses at night, opi divine swine funky fren

Catrice - 440 wear my sunglasses at night, opi divine swine funky french
 as you can see, I used the two polishes I got for christmas. Catrice - Wear your sunglasses at night, and Opi - Divine swine as tips.
I love the divine swine colour. I'm so incredibly happy with that polish !! The Wear your sunglasses at night is a bit of a mwa. I like the colour and the glitter inside. But you really have to look to see the magic. So I've definitely got a love hate relation ship with that one. I know how great the polish looks. But others probably wont notice.
And now the new stuff I bought since half december :P (little stack update) Two image plates. The one with the hello kitty is from born pretty, that was a free sample (A) And the tips plate from essence, cause I kind of love those :P 
 and some polishes.
From left to right
Gosh : 75 Avant Garde 
Catrice 600 After Eight 
Essence 73 Princess prunella 
H&M mini strawberry lollipop
H&M mini pear icecream
H&M mini summer sunrise
H&M mini pale violet
Manhattan - 96D 
P2 010 violet fusion (crackling)

I'm really happy with all off these polishes XD The h&m polishes are so cute. And for the gosh catrice and esssence. Still needed a colour like that in my stash :P The Manhattan was love on first site, and well I just love crakles and purple !