vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

My fake nails !!

haha, No no, Not fake at all. I showed my aunt my nails like this and she was like: But you have fake nails.
But no, grew them myself XD
But my new mani. It's first 2 layers of Ocean -Gosh.
First time using this polish, and I don't really like it. It's a great colour end it dries almost without stripes. But it takes time to dry !!! Pfff don't really have the patience for it. I tought they were dry at one moment but when I tried to open a plastic bag two of my nails were ruined. Even after going by bike to the city. (15 min ride or so) when I hit an iron bar by placing my bike in the stand the polish got smudged.
But well after that I bought this Impuls Silver Shatter.

I love it. It's a silver shatter wich works really well. It looks great over the Ocean from gosh and this way nobody sees the base is smudged :P there is a small glitter in the silver, it dries quite matte. Maybe I will do a top coat later on.

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