woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Bad Bad me, (new update)

Yea I'm terrible at keeping track. This way I will never get more followers Right?
Ok I told you guys how happy I was with my first Holo, Metallic Green from Koh. Well to come back from that. It was chipping quite quick. I was a bit angry. So next time I'm going to add an other layer of top coat, it's really foil like and just peals off. To keep it from pealing further, I added black tips. I'm still terrible at tape manies. Sorry

and an other B.pretty mani, The red crackles really good to I decided to use the crakle silver base from Essence as my base, witch made the red crackle a little metallic to in some parts. It holds up to 7 days with top coat.. 
And my many for the birthday of my boyfriends dad. I had this red dress with black, and roses jewellery. The base is a red from Helen (hema brand)
The roses are konad (black) and an essence plate, And the black shatter is Crackle from essence. I added some extra detail in the roses with silver base coat essence. afterwards I thought it maybe would have looked better if the roses were silver. I kept it on for 10 days! (with top coat) 

Without flash

Next up Essence, and my 1 euro glitter from paris polish. I never wear the ordenairy essence polishes. I got some (purple, blue and red) Color and Go polishes for my birthday, but I hate them! They are easy to use, but break within a day. And the smell awwww. But well I didn't knew what to do (after trying the purple B.pretty crakle again, witch doesn't work as well as the other two ;_;) 
So I got my box, and dumped it in my bro's lap. He chose the blue, and said it needed some glitter so this came out. With and without flash piccu's 

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