vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Catrice Purplelized ! and stars !!


I got this polish for my birthday from one of my very best friend <3 Anyway, She just knows I love purple, so She got me this beauty! I have to be honest, I looks a bit less purple in real live.
 First picture is with flash, second is just daylight.
I love the colour, I mattefied is one time so(forgot to take pictures long story sorry >.<) and it's awesome that way to! It's a dark purple with a sparkle trough the whole polish. If you look at the polish in the sun of a bright light red and blue glitter will be visible reaaaaallly pretty !! :D

And Yesterday I was in this budget store.. 1 euro shop or something. And they had this cute nail decoration bottles !! I just couldn't leave them XD (there were some nail stickers and stuff but I only bought the bottles.)
They were 2, euro 50.

 They are soo cute! Not all that glittery :P as you can see the stars and the hexagonal shaped do sparkle really well.
There are little pearls, hearths, stars, flowers, small glitters, and really big glitters.
I tried to use, Herome Salamanca for a konad, it didn't really got well. Pitty !! Maybe if I mix and match or I should just buy a golden konad XD (need a job first.) (ok you barely see it on the picture) Don't know why the bubbles came up.. I guess my top coat is old.

You have to put the decoration on your nails with some nail glue. I'm not really a talent XD but oh wel my right hand went better than my left :P (above left beneath right)

vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

Herôme's new Crakle series


Yep I already showed you guys that I bought two of them. The new Crackle's from Herôme
First: It's kind of hard to find commerial pics of them on the web.. Strange... But o well
They have 6 colours.
Red, White, black, dark blue, light blue and gold.
The only really origanal color is the light blue in my opinion.
I bought the gold and the light blue. Both are heavy with the glitter. And quite metallic like. I really love that.

The bottles: I think those are a minus. Only the display in the shop tells you these are crackles. The bottles are the same as any of their other special editions, noting else but a C. at the beginning of the name indicates these are crakles. Bad job herôme !!!!
(even my mom was: Those aren't crackles. By just looking at the bottle)

Most crackles come with an explenation, or a how to do. These don't so just like I do the other crakles I take a layer of colour I like (herome lisbon) and let it dry very well. Most dark colours of herôme are one coaters. So on a couple of fingers I just added one layer. On others I had to ad two.

herome crackle blue malibu
This picture is without a top coat.
As you can see. I just added one coat on my ring, and middle vinger. And the crackle took the polish with it! So a important note! You need two coats of your base colour. Or maybe one coat and a topcoat to make sure the crackle doesn't take it on a walk.
I used quite tick layers as I love the most. If you ad thin layers it will crack more, just like with most crack polishes. I added a bit to much on my ring finger as you can see.
It is already shiney without a top coat. Something quite rare for a crakle, but I guess that has to do with the glitter and the metallic.
And as last a picture with topcoat. Not really that much diffrence.

Overall conclusion: It's great Herôme comes with some pretty crackles as well. They are much cheaper than the leader in the crakle market Opi. With about 7 euro for one bottle. And much easier to get than China Glaze. You can buy it at the almost any local herôme selling point.

weak points: The bottle doesn't really say Crakle. Wich is kind of confusing. And you need to at two layers under your crakle coat to get the best effect.

donderdag 20 oktober 2011


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Ok. The nails have to wait till tomorrow :P I don't want to spam you haha :P (and they kind of failed so I'm thinking of cleaning up those nails and re-do them. But o well we will see.)
Well I kind of started buying more and more polishes when I had to leave my last yob. I wasn't allowed to wear nailpolish there. So I kind of got the habit, when I had 4 or more day's of = Polish. But o well I didn't want to buy new polished because I couldn't use them anyway. So when I stopped working there. I could buy!! and o well. It did went the wrong way XD
I had this little box. But well as you can see, it was stuffed, and I had to store some polishes outside the box.. Not really what I wanted.

woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Smokey eyes Bourjois

First note, I don't like smokey eyes. They don't suit me. But I do like the colours Bourjois has to make them. I just like to lighten tings up.
So today, I'm going to show the purple box of the Bourjois smokey eyes series.
So a full face picture. Not my best ever, I had to turn off the lamp I use to do my make-up lol. It tossed a yellow shade over my picture.

Yep also new nailpolish, will show those tomorrow :P
But well. With my polish and my outfit I had to use the smokey eyes set of Bourjois I bought over a year ago.

 As you can see I in the box and on my lid, I use the soft violet colour the most. The white in the inner corner and the dark purple only under and on the outer side. But o well. I love the make-up It covers really well. And holds the whole day. Not really budget proof tough. It costs about 11 euro..

vrijdag 14 oktober 2011


Hello there. No nail's or other make-up today. But something personal :P
Like some people might know. (and most don't)
Is that I'm a huge fan of the Dutch group Racoon. Overall it's quite calm music. With strong acoustic guitar and interesting English lyrics. I've been listening to their music since I was just 15 years old.
And finally I saw them live yesterday !! Even tough I was quite sick. (still am) I didn't want to miss it.
We went Early and I had the best spot in frond of the podium. Managed to get the last copy of Till monkey's fly (their first album) of the merchandise sale. Also bought their third album : Another day (witch was the album that made me a fangirl :P) and got the album here we go stereo for free with it :P Cause the case of the Till monkey's fly album was broken. So even before the concert I was one happy fangirl XD (now I have all their regular albums :P)
Ow and the funny thing was. Waiting in frond of the door before we could enter we saw them having dinner and Bart (vocals) just walked by holding a bottle of wine XD Serious such a maroons.
But well, the concert it self, was great. They are really good live, and still a couple of maroons. :P
Afterwards I managed to get the set list, and the guitarist lost his plectrum during playing. My boyfriend picked up that one :P 

The notes made on the set-list were made by the vocalist :P Thing he wanted to talk about and such lol.
And ash finish the song I liked most live. I would prefer to show you a live version, but there are no good recordings on youtube :P

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

here comes a queen


My nails of the day. I love the gold, but not on her own. It's to gold for me, but I just love to make a good combination. You can count on more gold combinations this winter !

Herome salamanca and a black Crackle from essence on top! 

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Flakies !!


This is quite a terrible post. But because I had to take my camera upstairs (and my live is kind of downstairs) I didn't make a picture right away. But anyway. The picture after 1 weak. (only the good nails)
P2 rebel,  Golden rose Flakies 11
I used P2 rebel,
Golden rose flakies 11
and the Hema matte topcoat.
The matte kind of fades when it's on for a longer period. It does get a bit shiny :P But well. It doesn't really chip :P


yay :D 2000 page vieuws (and yes I always have a lot of junk open at the same time)

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Stack update !!


I have quite a lot new polishes since my stack post so I tought it was time for an update :P
Impulss silver shatter, Catrize purplelized, Gosh misty mauve,
Herome lisbon, herome paris, herome salamanca, golden rode flakies 11
 First All the bottles. From L to R; Silver crackle from Impulss
Catrice: Purplelized!
Gosh : misty mauve
Herome : lisbon, (a pink wich is my moms and she tore the name off, salamanca, and a base coat.)
Golden rose Flakies 11
golden rose flakies 11
Catrice purplelizzed, gosh misty muave, Herome lisbon

The new crakles from herome : and a new topcoat in between : C. gold geneva, c. l. Blue Malibu
C. gold geneva, c. l. Blue Malibu

A carring oil from herome, and a wonderpen (for cutticles and nails) and a glass file. And a nailpolish remover with withener (my mom bought that one for me cause she thinks I should were less nailpolish)