zondag 18 september 2011

Eye-make-up using bronzing powder XD

 So I wanted to show you how I love to do my eye make-up at the moment. I actually use a bronzer for blondes XD My mom bought it but she tought it was a bit to metalic for someone her age. So she gave it to me. As a bronzed girl it's not really a bronzer for me but just a shimmer powder :P But I can use the real bronze part as an eyeshadow to !! and I love the effect. (so pic above is the final result. And I'm going to show what I use)
 From left to right. (I don't care about the brands I love these, al just regular brands. Nothing expencive.)
Black Eye shadow. Brown creme duo eyeshadow ( I use the creme for this) The bronzer from Loreal. A brush thingy. White Eye Mouse, White Eyeliner. And a Mascara (people saying they don't need mascara lie! Mascara makes your eyes bigger wich is bettter!!)
 close up

 The bronzer is in three pars. I use the lowest (the bronze gold color) for the eye and the whole thing for my face.
 My eye whitout make  up (and huge bags.:( )
 I start to make the inner lid and the corner white with the eye pencil. I always do this, doesn't matter wich eye shadow I'm going to use. Makes my small eyes look bigger :P
 Next I fill the upper lid with the Eye mouse (wich comes out a little brown because that was left on the brush, doesn't matter for now I love the eye mouse as a base) And ad a little black in te outer corner of the lid.
 Now I use the coper over the black and the white. Filling up the whole upper eye lid plus a little above the bow. Not to much and don't close your eyes when doing it. The black and the white will blend with the brown

I added some of the copper under te lower eye lid (just below the lashes.) and ad a little of the creme in the inner corner of the eye. (above and around smudging the white eyeliner a bit) 

And as finishing Touch the mascara !! And I love the result. It's good for every time of the year. And for a brown eyed/haired/skinned girl like me it makes me look good and a little more Arabic :D (yep I'm arabic :P)
I hope you liked it !! Leave a comment !!! (and if questions just ask !)

woensdag 14 september 2011

Fing'rs Lifestyle Nail Art

a short post from here !! Like I said in my last post, Gosh polish really lasts long. I didn't ad a top coat, and only got minor chips on the top of my weaker nails after a week. And with my B-day party comming up I didn't want them to be just purple. So at first I tried the explosion from Nailside an awsome blog from a dutch girl (like me) And she does great tape manis. Well I still fail at tape manies so cleaned that nail and re dit it :P
And not wanting to do a konad I found this set of Nail stickers I once got from my exboyfriend about 3 years ago XD 
They are really easy to apply at least if you aren't a bungler like me. My left hand went quite easy but when I had to do my right had XD The trick is to hold the tip of the sticker between your nails and put it on, but on the right place couse once you place it, it's stuck ! 
And after that you need to ad a top coat.  And this is how it turned out !! Oh just one thing. There are just 4 stickers of each figure :S I got 5 fingers !!

woensdag 7 september 2011

Gosh 002 misty mauve

When I saw the sale off the gosh products I just couldn't help myself.
Normal prize of gosh is 6,99 If I'm right and I payed around 2,50 for this botlle. I like that prize a lot better :P
But well It's a soft violet jelly. And it has the same problem as the ocean color I have from gosh it takes really long to dry out fully. But taking that aside the other gosh held up to 2 weaks, and the colors are great, they apply easy and almost cover fully in just one coat.
Ow did I mention it's a special XD Thinking about crackling the bit tough :P