woensdag 28 december 2011

Christmas gifts, Explosion mani

And yet again an other mani inspired by one of the designs of nailside! Explosion manicure by Nailside. I love her tape manis! Well for Christmas I tried to do her explosion manicure for a second time. It turned out quite well. Not as nice as hers, but I'm not as practised as she is. And sorry for my tumb :P I do quite like the purple glitter over it tough :P It's opi's Divine Swine. I got for Christmas! I just had to try it right away. 
Used : 
Herome basecoat
Dark grey from Hema long lasting series as base colour
 Essence. 02 sparkling silver for explosions (I really like this silver!) 

And everything worth showing I got for christmas ! 

A care kit from Koh, (from my boyfriend) and a bottle of Catrice - Wear sunglasses at night. And Opi- Divine swine. And some really nice earrings :D 

woensdag 14 december 2011

christmas snowflakes

Helloo there. My last many held really well. So it took a while before I did a new one
This is the result :P actually a free hand from my side. I don't really do freehand, I used to before I knew what konad was. But I tought I was way to bad at it :P
I was inspired by two other blogs
The nailside - snowflake  tutorial 
and Kayla Shevonne - snowflake glitter Gradient. 
I didn't really like the huge snowflake, so I choose to make smaller snowflakes. I don't have special brushes, so I used a white tipper polish (with a tipper brush) from b.pretty.
It does work, but when buzzy the brush gets thick with dried polish. That is why I ruined some flakes :(

And help me, my mom want's me to do the same mani at her nails this sunday !

Base-coat : Herome
colour base : essence. 14 Rock Rebell
Gradient : Essence. 02 sparkling silver
snowflakes : White tipper. B.pretty
topcoat - Herome 

vrijdag 2 december 2011

christmas shopping :D

Catrice- Lovely Sinner, without topcoat
 nope this isn't what I bought during Christmas shopping :P it is a new polish tough Catrice - Lovely Sinner  from their welcome to las vegas line. OMG I love this one so much. I've seen some negatives about this polish and some positives. I'm positive. It's a lovely slightly pinkish red with a small glitter in it. Compaired to what I'm used of catrice it needs some layers (3 normally I use 2)
Oke it turnes out a bit uneven, but nothing a top coat can't fix right? A great Christmas colour and I'm in love !!

Catrice - lovely Sinner and Herome Gold Geneva with topcoat
And now to make it even more Christmas :P I added a nice golden crackle, the Herome Crackle gold Geneva.
I love how it lookes. The soft gold of Gold Geneva and the strong sparkling red of Lovely Sinner. 
Germany I'm good to go :D christmas shopping :D Time for starbucks, marrons (chestnuts) and gluwwine.