zondag 18 september 2011

Eye-make-up using bronzing powder XD

 So I wanted to show you how I love to do my eye make-up at the moment. I actually use a bronzer for blondes XD My mom bought it but she tought it was a bit to metalic for someone her age. So she gave it to me. As a bronzed girl it's not really a bronzer for me but just a shimmer powder :P But I can use the real bronze part as an eyeshadow to !! and I love the effect. (so pic above is the final result. And I'm going to show what I use)
 From left to right. (I don't care about the brands I love these, al just regular brands. Nothing expencive.)
Black Eye shadow. Brown creme duo eyeshadow ( I use the creme for this) The bronzer from Loreal. A brush thingy. White Eye Mouse, White Eyeliner. And a Mascara (people saying they don't need mascara lie! Mascara makes your eyes bigger wich is bettter!!)
 close up

 The bronzer is in three pars. I use the lowest (the bronze gold color) for the eye and the whole thing for my face.
 My eye whitout make  up (and huge bags.:( )
 I start to make the inner lid and the corner white with the eye pencil. I always do this, doesn't matter wich eye shadow I'm going to use. Makes my small eyes look bigger :P
 Next I fill the upper lid with the Eye mouse (wich comes out a little brown because that was left on the brush, doesn't matter for now I love the eye mouse as a base) And ad a little black in te outer corner of the lid.
 Now I use the coper over the black and the white. Filling up the whole upper eye lid plus a little above the bow. Not to much and don't close your eyes when doing it. The black and the white will blend with the brown

I added some of the copper under te lower eye lid (just below the lashes.) and ad a little of the creme in the inner corner of the eye. (above and around smudging the white eyeliner a bit) 

And as finishing Touch the mascara !! And I love the result. It's good for every time of the year. And for a brown eyed/haired/skinned girl like me it makes me look good and a little more Arabic :D (yep I'm arabic :P)
I hope you liked it !! Leave a comment !!! (and if questions just ask !)

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