vrijdag 2 december 2011

christmas shopping :D

Catrice- Lovely Sinner, without topcoat
 nope this isn't what I bought during Christmas shopping :P it is a new polish tough Catrice - Lovely Sinner  from their welcome to las vegas line. OMG I love this one so much. I've seen some negatives about this polish and some positives. I'm positive. It's a lovely slightly pinkish red with a small glitter in it. Compaired to what I'm used of catrice it needs some layers (3 normally I use 2)
Oke it turnes out a bit uneven, but nothing a top coat can't fix right? A great Christmas colour and I'm in love !!

Catrice - lovely Sinner and Herome Gold Geneva with topcoat
And now to make it even more Christmas :P I added a nice golden crackle, the Herome Crackle gold Geneva.
I love how it lookes. The soft gold of Gold Geneva and the strong sparkling red of Lovely Sinner. 
Germany I'm good to go :D christmas shopping :D Time for starbucks, marrons (chestnuts) and gluwwine. 

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