donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Stack update !!


I have quite a lot new polishes since my stack post so I tought it was time for an update :P
Impulss silver shatter, Catrize purplelized, Gosh misty mauve,
Herome lisbon, herome paris, herome salamanca, golden rode flakies 11
 First All the bottles. From L to R; Silver crackle from Impulss
Catrice: Purplelized!
Gosh : misty mauve
Herome : lisbon, (a pink wich is my moms and she tore the name off, salamanca, and a base coat.)
Golden rose Flakies 11
golden rose flakies 11
Catrice purplelizzed, gosh misty muave, Herome lisbon

The new crakles from herome : and a new topcoat in between : C. gold geneva, c. l. Blue Malibu
C. gold geneva, c. l. Blue Malibu

A carring oil from herome, and a wonderpen (for cutticles and nails) and a glass file. And a nailpolish remover with withener (my mom bought that one for me cause she thinks I should were less nailpolish)

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