woensdag 2 november 2011

New blog layout and Herome golden crackle

Heyyy !!

Maybe you noticed but I've been playing with my layout for a while. I wanted it to look a bit more professional. And I didn't really like the way blogger composition. Luckely I have some HTML experience, and blogger allows you to play around with the Html /Css codes. So I made a new header and rearranged everything a bit. And used the regular blogger design to redo the colours and the fonts. Let me know what you think!! Better or worse ??

Herome Crackle gold Geneva

And now my current mani. Remember my last ?? with the stars. Well a little note on that one. Cover it with at least 2 but even better 3 topcoats !! The stars were quite sharp and tented catch everywhere.
So I pulled them off, and to cover up the ugly holes it left I grabbed my gold crackle from herome.
In comparison to the herome Blue Malibu. Their light blue crackle this one really dries matte. While Blue malibu dries really sparkly and shiney. C. gold geneva is a little low on the shine and less on the sparkle. It's still a really nice light gold tough
I added really thin layers cause I didn't really had a lot of time. Picture is with one topcoat. 

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