vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

Herôme's new Crakle series


Yep I already showed you guys that I bought two of them. The new Crackle's from Herôme
First: It's kind of hard to find commerial pics of them on the web.. Strange... But o well
They have 6 colours.
Red, White, black, dark blue, light blue and gold.
The only really origanal color is the light blue in my opinion.
I bought the gold and the light blue. Both are heavy with the glitter. And quite metallic like. I really love that.

The bottles: I think those are a minus. Only the display in the shop tells you these are crackles. The bottles are the same as any of their other special editions, noting else but a C. at the beginning of the name indicates these are crakles. Bad job herôme !!!!
(even my mom was: Those aren't crackles. By just looking at the bottle)

Most crackles come with an explenation, or a how to do. These don't so just like I do the other crakles I take a layer of colour I like (herome lisbon) and let it dry very well. Most dark colours of herôme are one coaters. So on a couple of fingers I just added one layer. On others I had to ad two.

herome crackle blue malibu
This picture is without a top coat.
As you can see. I just added one coat on my ring, and middle vinger. And the crackle took the polish with it! So a important note! You need two coats of your base colour. Or maybe one coat and a topcoat to make sure the crackle doesn't take it on a walk.
I used quite tick layers as I love the most. If you ad thin layers it will crack more, just like with most crack polishes. I added a bit to much on my ring finger as you can see.
It is already shiney without a top coat. Something quite rare for a crakle, but I guess that has to do with the glitter and the metallic.
And as last a picture with topcoat. Not really that much diffrence.

Overall conclusion: It's great Herôme comes with some pretty crackles as well. They are much cheaper than the leader in the crakle market Opi. With about 7 euro for one bottle. And much easier to get than China Glaze. You can buy it at the almost any local herôme selling point.

weak points: The bottle doesn't really say Crakle. Wich is kind of confusing. And you need to at two layers under your crakle coat to get the best effect.

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  1. I love this crackle concept... it's gorgeous