vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Catrice Purplelized ! and stars !!


I got this polish for my birthday from one of my very best friend <3 Anyway, She just knows I love purple, so She got me this beauty! I have to be honest, I looks a bit less purple in real live.
 First picture is with flash, second is just daylight.
I love the colour, I mattefied is one time so(forgot to take pictures long story sorry >.<) and it's awesome that way to! It's a dark purple with a sparkle trough the whole polish. If you look at the polish in the sun of a bright light red and blue glitter will be visible reaaaaallly pretty !! :D

And Yesterday I was in this budget store.. 1 euro shop or something. And they had this cute nail decoration bottles !! I just couldn't leave them XD (there were some nail stickers and stuff but I only bought the bottles.)
They were 2, euro 50.

 They are soo cute! Not all that glittery :P as you can see the stars and the hexagonal shaped do sparkle really well.
There are little pearls, hearths, stars, flowers, small glitters, and really big glitters.
I tried to use, Herome Salamanca for a konad, it didn't really got well. Pitty !! Maybe if I mix and match or I should just buy a golden konad XD (need a job first.) (ok you barely see it on the picture) Don't know why the bubbles came up.. I guess my top coat is old.

You have to put the decoration on your nails with some nail glue. I'm not really a talent XD but oh wel my right hand went better than my left :P (above left beneath right)

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