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The Hunger Games

Ok to start from the beginning (cause this is going to be one of my longest blog post ever ! I'm starting with te condition of my nails. You are looking at my right hand right now. which looks quite ok. But I had to keep my nails short because of the cold weather. I've got three !! Three tears in my left hand nails *cry* But on the bright sight. There is almost no yellow staining left!! I'm for sure that my nails will look great if I would use nail whitener now :P
Hungergames flaming nails without glitter. 
Hungergames flaming nails with glitter 

and now on to the Title. The Hunger Games. I spotted this name earlier this year.  (long usless story)I've used a picture of a guy I wanted to use for a character. This guy was Chris Hemsworth. I started internet stalking the guy. Ended up watching Thor and discovered he had a younger sibling which is just as handsome! Liam hemsworth. (they also have the same laugh XD) So I watched last song. And started stalking Liam which apparently was going to play the role of Gale in the hunger games. (still didn't know what the hungergames were) a weak past and a friend of mine posted the hungergames trailer on Facebook. And I was f*cking sold. What an awesome trailer !! they told me the books where just as awesome so I decided I needed to read at least the first book befor 23st of march when the movie premier will be.  I needed less than 7 day's to finish the first book. Same for the second and I'm still buzzy with the third. (started monday) I never have red a series this fast !! I'm a huge FAN XD
Cinna's Eyeliner. (Catrice liquid eye liner) 030 I am golden Sandy
Ok√© so I've got some make-up inspiration from it. As first you can see my nails. They are inspired by  Katniss her interview dress/ look. There was described her teams painted flames on her nails and her dress was set with colourful crystals finishing with blue. So my nails were set on fire. (as seen on the first picture) And I have finished it with a blueish glitter (Magic Star - Gosh) and on to the next inspiration. Cinna. You have to love Cinna. He is caring a perfect listener and just plain brilliant. (and I think he's gay and I love gay men although it is never confirmed in the books)  He is an artist and I love artists and I love the casting of Lenny Kravitz to play him Although I was sure he was fair skinned :P So when I found a golden Eye-Liner in the sale box I had to buy it!! and do the Cinna look (just a plain golden eye-liner on the upper lid.) It's a quite nude style for my taste. (that is also the reason Cinna stout out as a capitol resident. Cause he wears plane/almost no make-up ) But somehow I do love it to. But I decided to try to make it a little bit more feminine. And first added a black line with my gel eyeliner (Catrice) and finished it whit a golden line (liquid eyeliner catrice)  As you can see below. I still need to practice on straight lines haha
Catrice 030 I am golden Sandy +
Catrice Gel eye liner 01 black jack with jack black 

Cinna look part two : Catrice 030 I am golden Sandy +
  Catrice Gel eye liner 01 black jack with jack black 

as finishing touch a full face picture of me with my golden cinna look and added some golden lip gloss too ! 
But I'm not the only person which is a hunger games fan. And China Glaze comes with a special Hunger Games Colours of the Capitol series. They used to have different names. (all really book inspired) but they changed it into the districts.
I want to buy at least two of the capitol colours. District 1 Luxa and lush (in the original name this one was inspired by Katniss' interview dress.)
And District 9 Harvest moon. (originally inspired by CINNA :D)
But I do love :
District 3 Riveting and District 2 Stone Cold too. So Maybe I will order all four.
Swatches can be found here : http://www.alllacqueredup.com/2012/02/china-glaze-capitol-colours-hunger-games-nail-polish-collection-swatches-review.html#.T0erwIcaPd4

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