donderdag 30 juni 2011

As Promised ! B.Pretty Crackling Polish review

Yesterday I finally could try the Crackling polishes from B.Pretty. It's an Austrian brand (wich means I can't get more bottles for now :( )
But well, my mom brought me 3 colors.  Bordeaux, Violet and Midnight. Midnight is a really dark blue indo color.
I like the bottle's it really visible that these are Crackles, and my mom said it looked really attractive and colorful in the store. They cost €2,- each, and there is 5ml in one bottle. It's not really much but enough to have a lot of fun with. 
I started with one pink base (my all time Miss Sporty pink) And did a quite tick layer of violet. That doesn't work >.< And because I wanted to try all colors I did a white base on all my nails (wild&more :white). Than I added one small layer of each. 
As you can see the midnight crackles really well, they give a big crackle and the ground color is quite well visible, the red is really nice to, I love the color it has I'm really excited to try a lot out with that one!.
The purple crackles not that good as the other two, but maybe when I try a full many it can come out better. 
From this I choose the blue to do a full many with. 

 I really like the result. I added just one quick layer, It covers really well, so more isn't needed and the crackles already turn out really big so it's never needed to ad thicker layers. You can see it crack quite quick, but  compared to the Essence crakle this polish really takes it time, the crackles start really thin, and get wider over an amount of time. At one moment you seam to think it's done but they do get wider slowly. So I waited and didn't put on the top coat right away. They dry really matte, because they don't crackle really much and quite big you can see the shiny layer underneath really well and that makes it look even more matte.
Like I already said, the formula is quite thick, this makes it get a bit stripy when you put it on, this disappears after adding a top coat. And all colors tent to have some color difference, I don't really know what it is, but especially in the violet were two colors of violet on one nail. I think it really has to do on how thick the layer on your nail is.
On the last photo I added a topcoat. Now it gets shiny also the blue seams to get a little more midnight. The strange thing was.. I did the many yesterday, and added the topcoat today (about 18 ours difference) but the tip of my top coat brush turned a bit blue. But it didn't smear on the nail.
So the Plus about this polish/brand
+B.pretty had quite a choice of color, I have the midnight, violet and Bordeaux but there is also black, white, yellow and a sea blue.
+ The colors are really nice.
+ I love the big crackle they give!
+ You don't need much

The bad things
- They take quite a while to crackle
- They don't crackle at all if you ad to much
- strange color difference on the nail.
- they tent to stain if you as other polish (like top coat) over.

Overall I think the plus is better than the minus, And I love them :P if I get close to Austria I'm going to look for a BIPA To get the other blue and yellow to :D

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