woensdag 1 juni 2011

Lets start !!


I'm trying to start to post how I do my nails every week. Well when I do something showing off course.
I'll start with everything from the last weaks XD when I started making picture's cause I noticed my twitter folowers actually liked seeing it.

Well at first, I was searching like crazy I wasn't into the nail blogs yet and I got air about the crackle polish,
First O saw was by Barry M but I'm not that used to ordering online so I left it. But than I noticed Essence was going to sell it in the Netherlands, So next time I got to the kruidvat I went to search. But off course there was none! There was a place for it and a brochure, but no bottle's. Quite quick I got to know there was a deliver problem. Well that sucks ! But when I was at my boyfriends place I got a call from my mom. They were shopping in Germany and they had the crackle in store !! So she bought me the silver base and the black coat !!
I'm so in love how it looked I actually carried it around for two weaks straight (redoing it once of course :P)

Than there was that free coupon in a magazine of my mom, for a bottle of nail polish (herome WIC), I claimed the coupon right away and set of to the store.  But no herome. And I went to an other store, no herome. Guess what Herome made a mistake, and didn't delivered it!! Serious Kruidvat (the store) hates me.
Well I got to know when they were supposed to come, and got to hear the date of the coupon was set later.
Anyway, eventually I went to the store and there they were !! Even more choice than I guessed there would be. Happy me !! So I chose this metalic purple polish, and just had to finish it with some dark tips. My nails looked lovely !! (please don't pay attention to the length difference. My nails were totally destroyed by my yob.)

Well this one is quite simple, I bought the iron mermaid by catrice quite a while ago, just because the color in the bottle made me really curious. It doesn't really cover well quick, so here I first added a layer of black and then one layer of Iron mermaid. I love how it looks. It's mostly a metallic like purple, but in other like it's a seaweed green. Really nice !! And as a finishing touch I added a layer of holo glitter I bought at the Douglas, just 1 euro. And I still had a giftcard so :D

But when I had the black crackle I wanted more of course haha. Well finally the dutch stores got them, and they were sold out in one day !! And no new bottles I almost when every week but noting new. Till I went to a different store in the town north of my city. (instead of in the city and the city were my boyfriend lives) And there they got a new stack! So I bought it. Well I added a purple with glitter as base. (It's from hema, but really bad coverage.) And two quick thin layers of white crackle. I tried to put a little of silver base on my index finger, to check the result. I do think it does crackle a little nicer, although I do also have a nice crackle like that on my right hand and that was without a little base.

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