dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Gosh magicly Blue stary monday ??


First I will explain the question marks. Cause I'm not sure this is actually blue monday. Why?? Cause the drug store personal where so stupid to place the discount sticker over the polish name...
And Damn.. My nails where soooooo beautiful in my last post... But I broke them shortly after.. So I had to file them down, and have to get them back in shape.. *sad face*  (so don't look at my ugly nails, esp the middle finger.) Ow and as for the tea bag repairing, didn't work)
 So this is Gosh Blue monday a blue glitter/metallic like polish, layered with Magic star, an multicolour glitter polish. It's a glittery colour festive on my nails. It was even a bit to sparkly and glittery at fist. So I added a matt topcoat. I'm sorry to say that the colours didn't end up on the photograph :(

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