woensdag 4 januari 2012

Glitter funky french and new stuff


My mani of past weak. Wow, really didn't had the time to make a picture (and a blog post) till now. Bizzy bizzy bizzy.
Catrice - 440 wear my sunglasses at night, opi divine swine funky fren

Catrice - 440 wear my sunglasses at night, opi divine swine funky french
 as you can see, I used the two polishes I got for christmas. Catrice - Wear your sunglasses at night, and Opi - Divine swine as tips.
I love the divine swine colour. I'm so incredibly happy with that polish !! The Wear your sunglasses at night is a bit of a mwa. I like the colour and the glitter inside. But you really have to look to see the magic. So I've definitely got a love hate relation ship with that one. I know how great the polish looks. But others probably wont notice.
And now the new stuff I bought since half december :P (little stack update) Two image plates. The one with the hello kitty is from born pretty, that was a free sample (A) And the tips plate from essence, cause I kind of love those :P 
 and some polishes.
From left to right
Gosh : 75 Avant Garde 
Catrice 600 After Eight 
Essence 73 Princess prunella 
H&M mini strawberry lollipop
H&M mini pear icecream
H&M mini summer sunrise
H&M mini pale violet
Manhattan - 96D 
P2 010 violet fusion (crackling)

I'm really happy with all off these polishes XD The h&m polishes are so cute. And for the gosh catrice and esssence. Still needed a colour like that in my stash :P The Manhattan was love on first site, and well I just love crakles and purple !

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