woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Smokey eyes Bourjois

First note, I don't like smokey eyes. They don't suit me. But I do like the colours Bourjois has to make them. I just like to lighten tings up.
So today, I'm going to show the purple box of the Bourjois smokey eyes series.
So a full face picture. Not my best ever, I had to turn off the lamp I use to do my make-up lol. It tossed a yellow shade over my picture.

Yep also new nailpolish, will show those tomorrow :P
But well. With my polish and my outfit I had to use the smokey eyes set of Bourjois I bought over a year ago.

 As you can see I in the box and on my lid, I use the soft violet colour the most. The white in the inner corner and the dark purple only under and on the outer side. But o well. I love the make-up It covers really well. And holds the whole day. Not really budget proof tough. It costs about 11 euro..

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