donderdag 20 oktober 2011


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Ok. The nails have to wait till tomorrow :P I don't want to spam you haha :P (and they kind of failed so I'm thinking of cleaning up those nails and re-do them. But o well we will see.)
Well I kind of started buying more and more polishes when I had to leave my last yob. I wasn't allowed to wear nailpolish there. So I kind of got the habit, when I had 4 or more day's of = Polish. But o well I didn't want to buy new polished because I couldn't use them anyway. So when I stopped working there. I could buy!! and o well. It did went the wrong way XD
I had this little box. But well as you can see, it was stuffed, and I had to store some polishes outside the box.. Not really what I wanted.

So I went to the Ikea (lol) And inspired by Kayla's shevonne Collection post I went looking for a chest with drawers.
Well I found one, and then my mom and came up with something we had at home already lol ! Well it didn't seem to be the same, cause in the one at the Ikea did my highest bottle fit. But in the Ikea drawers we still had lying around they didn't. O well that won't spoil the fun right?
They were still in some colours my mom picked when I was about 6 years ??
As you can see, really cheerful haha.
At the store I got something called sticking foil?
I painted the edges black and turned the drawers around, (there are actually little holes for the fingers on the other side.)
 and placed the foil over the sides top and drawers.
 And here the result !!! I'm really in love with it !! I actually loved that foil from the first time I saw it. About 5 years ago? I was just looking for an excuse to use it :P
Anyway It's sooo pretty !!*spaz*
 My drawer with Special polishes
Including my glitter/flakies.
My koh holo
My konad stuff, and the tippers.
 And my Coats drawer. And some cotton pads.
a nail hardener, two regular topcoats, a basecoat and a matte coat.
 And all the regular colour polishes :P I ordered them at brand at the moment, maybe that will change in time.
 And my crakles :D gowd I love Crackles !!
 and as last, things you just need :P My french set, toe spreaders, some nails stickers I once got. some tape and a polish remover (without acetone)
 So I still have an empty drawer left to fill !!!
 And to be honest. Whats left in the old box, these are actually my mom's.

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