vrijdag 14 oktober 2011


Hello there. No nail's or other make-up today. But something personal :P
Like some people might know. (and most don't)
Is that I'm a huge fan of the Dutch group Racoon. Overall it's quite calm music. With strong acoustic guitar and interesting English lyrics. I've been listening to their music since I was just 15 years old.
And finally I saw them live yesterday !! Even tough I was quite sick. (still am) I didn't want to miss it.
We went Early and I had the best spot in frond of the podium. Managed to get the last copy of Till monkey's fly (their first album) of the merchandise sale. Also bought their third album : Another day (witch was the album that made me a fangirl :P) and got the album here we go stereo for free with it :P Cause the case of the Till monkey's fly album was broken. So even before the concert I was one happy fangirl XD (now I have all their regular albums :P)
Ow and the funny thing was. Waiting in frond of the door before we could enter we saw them having dinner and Bart (vocals) just walked by holding a bottle of wine XD Serious such a maroons.
But well, the concert it self, was great. They are really good live, and still a couple of maroons. :P
Afterwards I managed to get the set list, and the guitarist lost his plectrum during playing. My boyfriend picked up that one :P 

The notes made on the set-list were made by the vocalist :P Thing he wanted to talk about and such lol.
And ash finish the song I liked most live. I would prefer to show you a live version, but there are no good recordings on youtube :P

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